You are the Heart and Backbone of NEWS...
Let's Continue to Grow Together

Dear Members and Friends,

For 138 years, the New England Watercolor Society has sustained and enabled the art, exploration and growth of aqua media. We have been able to do this through the ongoing generous support of our community.

YOU are the heart and backbone of NEWS and all it represents.

The 2019 opening of the NEWS gallery at the Plymouth Center for the Arts represented an enormous leap forward for all of us, affording our members exposure to a vibrant, growing community with a constant influx of global visitors. The new space gave us the freedom to expand from 2 to 8 annual shows, enabled the introduction of nearly a dozen brand-new events, including demos, mini workshops, lectures, small classes, and gave us a home base for our very successful plein-air painting program.

Unfortunately, shortly after the successful gallery launch, our revenue stream ceased completely as galleries around the world closed, travel halted and tourism to Plymouth (and everywhere else) disappeared. 

As the world begins to adapt to our new normal, opportunities to nurture the arts and expand our outreach continue to grow. Like so many businesses and non-profits however, the pandemic loss of income was compounded by the continued expenses, including gallery rent, deposits to other venues including the Guild of Boston Artists, and the cost of re-starting our workshops, classes, and of course, our prestigious Biennial North American and New England Regional Shows.

You have given generously in the past, and for that we are thankful. We ask that you take a moment to remember what NEWS has nurtured in you over its history, and consider how you can help sustain YOUR society:

  • Sponsor an event or program
  • Consider a corporate partnership
  • Donate to the annual fund campaign.

Consider honoring the memory of a loved one by sponsoring a memorial award, either in whole or in part. If you love the arts, you can create a lasting legacy by including the New England Watercolor Society in your estate planning.

We are confident in your ability to help us continue our 138 year tradition of sustaining and celebrating aqua media, and we are grateful to have your support.

Please use the button below to submit your donation online via PayPal. You may use a credit / debit card. No PayPal account is required.

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Or, if you prefer, you may mail your donation to the address below.

New England Watercolor Society
11 North Street
Plymouth MA 02360

Thank you for your continued support.

P. Anthony Visco
New England Watercolor Society

* The New England Watercolor Society is a 501 c(3) non-profit corporation.