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Inclusion on these lists is not an indication that your membership is in good standing. We are much better at adding new members than we are at removing lapsed members.

Associate Members List

Open to any artist residing in New England or any patron of the arts, regardless of residency.
Dues are $30 per calendar year (all associate memberships expire on December 31).
Associate Members may not use NEWS initials on their work, or list themselves as NEWS members in résumés or publicity.
They may list themselves as NEWS Associate Members.


Signature Members List

To become a Signature Member of the New England Watercolor Society, one must reside or have gallery representation in New England, and be juried into four (4) of the New England Regional or North American Open Shows, one of which must be a North American Show.

As a Signature Member, you are eligible to have your biography in the artists biography books as well as on this website. Please follow the guidelines for requirements.


Discretionary Awards & Honorary Life Membership

To recognize or honor outstanding contributions to the mission of New England Watercolor Society, the Board has established two Discretionary Awards and an Honorary Life Membership. These Awards and Honorary Life Memberships are granted at the sole discretion of the New England Watercolor Society Board of Directors. Nominations for recipients may come from the Board, Signature Members and Associate Members. These awards are intended to recognize extraordinary contributions, and as such, are granted only after thorough and cautious consideration and vetting. Awards and Memberships may not necessarily be granted every year.

Honorary Life Member

Recipients are outstanding watercolor artists who are not necessarily NEWS Signature members. This award is similar to a college Honorary Degree.


  • Recipients exemplify the highest ideals of the New England Watercolor Society's mission to promote artistic creativity and excellence in water media. Honorary Life Memberships recognize those who have made profound and enduring contributions to the genre of watercolor through outstanding artistic creativity and related increase in public awareness of watercolor.
  • Priority consideration will be given to achievements of national or international significance.
  • There should be an emphasis on New England artists (residing in New England and/or represented by a gallery or studio in New England) who have made a substantial imprint on the national or international art world, and/or a resident of some other region who has had a particularly important impact in the New England art community or who has drawn particular inspiration from the New England landscape, geographical or cultural.
  • Recipients must be persons of great integrity, as the choices we make reflect our values as an institution.
  • Receipt of the Honorary Life Membership should have meaning to the individual being recognized.

Recognition and Benefits:

  • Presentation at Annual Meeting.
  • Certificate.
  • Permanent listing on the NEWS website for Honorary Life Membership Recipients.
  • Permanent listing in the History Books.
  • No obligation to pay annual membership dues.

Honorary Life Members:

Name City/State Year Note
Mary Callahan Marshfield, MA 2017  
Carroll Bill E. Weymouth, MA 1985 deceased 1968
Loring Coleman Harvard, MA 2005 deceased 7/7/2015
Gracia Dayton Bedford, MA 2019  
Desmond Fitzgerald Brookline, MA 1925 deceased 1926
Patience Haley Cape Neddick, MA 1985 deceased 2014
Beverly Hallam York, ME 2010 deceased 2/21/2013
Nancy Sargent Howell Scituate, MA 2017  
Robert Jorgensen Ashland, MA 2017 deceased 6/13/2018
Fritz Kubitz Wellesley, MA 2016  
Charles Mahoney Scituate, MA 1979 deceased 1992
David McCord Boston, MA 1985 deceased 1997
Thomas A. Nicholas Rockport 2011  
Carlton Plummer East Boothbay, ME 2016 deceased 2020
Tom Sgouros Providence, RI 2005 deceased 12/17/2012
John Singer Sargent 1892 deceased 1925
Don Stone Exeter, NH 2011 deceased 3/12/2015
Murray Wentworth Oneonta, NY 2007 deceased 2008
Andrew Wyeth   2005 deceased 1/16/2009

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipients are NEWS Signature Member Artists who have made exceptional contributions to the organization and the genre of watercolor.


  • Contributed to NEWS over many years through exceptional service in a number of the following areas:
    • Served as a member of the NEWS Board.
    • Served as an officer on the NEWS Board.
    • Continued to support and consult/advise with the NEWS Board after retiring from the NEWS Board.
    • Served as Chair or Lead Organizer for NEWS Shows, Workshops and other Events.
    • Established and maintained public relations for good rapport between NEWS and other regional and national art associations.
    • Created goodwill among NEWS members and the community.
  • Maintained consistent excellence in painting through:
    • Participation in NEWS Exhibitions.
    • Participation in other regional and national exhibitions.
    • Receipt of awards and citations.
  • Contributed to the education of NEWS Members and the general public about the art of watercolor painting through:
    • Demonstrations.
    • Workshops.
    • Lectures.
    • Teaching.
    • Publication of work in educational art journals, periodicals and books.
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
Name City/State Year Note


Award of Distinction

Recipients are artists who have supported NEWS and our mission in exceptional ways.
Recipients have made outstanding contributions to NEWS through actions such as:

  • Volunteering exceptional service to NEWS over many years, including assuming leadership roles on the board of directors.
  • Continuing to support the NEWS board in various capacities, including organizational leadership and program development.
  • Taking the lead in efforts to support the objectives of NEWS.
  • Fostering the financial stability of NEWS by promoting investments, fiscally responsible decisions, award endowments, and major fundraising programs.
  • Serving as a chair or lead organizer for NEWS shows, workshops, and other events.
  • Establishing and maintaining public relations for good rapport between NEWS and other regional and national art associations and the community at large.

Recognition and Benefits:

  • Presentation at Annual Meeting.
  • Certificate.
  • Permanent listing on the NEWS website Award of Distinction Recipients.
  • Permanent listing in the History Books.
Award of Distinction Recipients
Name City/State Year Note