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New England Watercolor Society
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Useful information to help you get the most out of your membership, from tips about using the Smarter Entry submission process to making sure you are receiving our correspondence about upcoming shows and programs.

Membership Questions

  • Do I have to be a New England resident to join NEWS?
  • No! We welcome any artist or art patron to join as an Associate Member. Please see the Join/Renew page for more details.
  • If I join, can I use NEWS in my signature in signing my paintings?
  • Only Signature Members are eligible to add NEWS to their signatures.
  • How can I become a Signature Member?
  • You must have paintings accepted to four of our annual juried exhibitions - either New England Regional or North American Open. At least one of the shows you are accepted to must be a North American Open.
  • Shows in the NEWS Gallery are juried. Do they count towards Signature Membership?
  • Sorry - no. The NEWS Gallery was created in part to give our valued members - Associate and Signature - more opportunities to show their work, but they don't qualify towards promotion from Associate to Signature.
  • If I earn Signature Membership, will I remain one indefinitely?
  • No. Annual dues must be kept current to continue your membership. If dues lapse, a Signature Member has two choices: pay any back dues owed or requalify.
  • When does the member year begin? When are dues due?
  • The member year is January 1st to December 31st. Dues are payable at any time during the year. If dues are paid in October through December, they may be applied to the following year by request.
  • How can I receive the latest information about shows and programs?
  • NEWS uses email for most correspondence, so the most important way is by making sure we have your current email address. It's also very important to not unsubscribe from our eblasts, as doing so will stop all future communications by that means.
  • I noticed that bios are available for download on the Signature Member page, but not the Associate Member page. Why not?
  • It's one of the special privileges of Signature Membership. As a Signature Member you are eligible to have your biography (up to two pages) in the artists biography books as well as on the web site. ┬áPlease follow theinstructions in the guidelines document.
  • I'm interested in getting more involved in NEWS. Can I serve on the Board of Directors?
  • There are lots of ways to contribute to NEWS and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Associate Members are encouraged to serve on the Board of Directors in any role except President or Vice President. There are lots of non-board tasks too, such as helping with shows, mailings, promotion, etc. Please use our contact page to learn more.


  • How can I be sure my submissions were received by Smarter Entry?
  • First, log into your SE account at this address -, then look for the 'Review/Change Entries' link in the lower right corner of the screen, under 'Registered Competitions'. Click on that link to open the Entry Manager screen. You'll find all the images you submitted in the right sidebar. Near the top of center panel of that screen, you'll see 'You have submittted X of Y entries to this competition' where X equals the number submitted and Y equals the number you've paid for. Note - you can only access this information up until the deadline.
  • I changed my mind about a painting I submitted. Can I swap it for another?
  • Yes! You can change any or all of your entries right up until the deadline. Just log into your SE account at this address - - and click on the 'Review/Change Entries' link. Click either the 'Edit' or 'Delete' link under the image you'd like to change. If you delete an image, you'll automatically receive a credit to use for a new entry. If you click 'Edit', you can simply select a new image to upload. Don't forget to update the title and other information.
  • I'm a member and I've paid my dues, but I got charged the nonmember entry fee. What gives?
  • You should have received a promo code by email. Entering that in the promo code field when paying the entry fee for one of our biennial shows reduces the amount you're charged by $10. If you paid the nonmember fee, don't worry! Just contact Submissions Chair, Jennifer Ridder and request a refund of the overpayment. Please be aware that only entries to biennial shows (North American Open and New England Regional shows) are eligible for member discounts.

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please use our contact page to ask it. We'll do our best to find an answer for you.