New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2017 New England Regional Exhibition


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  • Pedaling Memories - Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey
    Pedaling Memories
  • Memories of Infinitude - Brenda L. Bechtel
    Brenda L. Bechtel
    Memories of Infinitude
  • Cricket - Anne Beinecke
    Anne Beinecke
  • The Wildflower Garden - Anne Belson
    Anne Belson
    The Wildflower Garden
  • Changing Sky - Maureen Brookfield
    Maureen Brookfield
    Changing Sky
  • Bottles Bottles... - Gigi Burboeck
    Gigi Burboeck
    Bottles Bottles...
  • Harbor reflections - Patricia Cahalan
    Patricia Cahalan
    Harbor reflections
  • Evening Harmony - Sally E. Caswell
    Sally Caswell
    Evening Harmony
  • Blue Ridge Skies, Budding Out - Anne Palms Chalmers
    Anne Palms Chalmers
    Blue Ridge Skies,
    Budding Out
  • Morning - Kendra Conn
    Kendra Conn
  • Passing By - Christine Coombs
    Christine Coombs
    Passing By
  • Sail Colors Amidst the Blue - Frank Costantino
    Frank Costantino
    Sail Colors
    Amidst the Blue
  • Dare - Heather Crowley
    Heather Crowley
  • Osprey - Don Dalton
    Don Dalton
  • We're In This Together - Ann Trainor Domingue
    Ann Trainor Domingue
    We're In This Together
  • Castalia Odorato-White Water Lily - Joanne Donovan
    Joanne Donovan
    Castalia Odorato-
    White Water Lily
  • Homeland Security - Gerarde Doucette
    Gerarde Doucette
    Homeland Security
  • Left In The Cold - Gary Eckhart
    Gary Eckhart
    Left In The Cold
  • The Plumber, Part Two - Erin Farley
    Erin Farley
    The Plumber, Part Two
  • Whitewater - Sandra Fries
    Sandra Fries
  • Yellow Apples and Bittersweet - Maryann Goblick
    Maryann Goblick
    Yellow Apples & Bittersweet
  • Berkshire Light - Marla Greenfield
    Marla Greenfield
    Berkshire Light
  • Art Deco Gone Wild - Becky Haletky
    Becky Haletky
    Art Deco Gone Wild
  • But...She looks Fine - Beverly Hammerman
    Beverly Hammerman
    But...She looks Fine
  • Cadaques Street - Jack Haran
    Jack Haran
    Cadaques Street
  • Probable Cause II - Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    Probable Cause II
  • English Sparrows - Yvonne Hemingway
    Yvonne Hemingway
    English Sparrows
  • Lobster Traps - John Holladay
    John Holladay
    Lobster Traps
  • Municipal Lamp - Peter Hussey
    Peter Hussey
    Municipal Lamp
  • Coming Together - Maya Katz
    Maya Katz
    Coming Together
  • Boxes, 7 PM - Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Boxes, 7 PM
  • Boys of Summer - Leslie Landrigan
    Leslie Landrigan
    Boys of Summer
  • Benefit with Friends - Bill Lane
    Bill Lane
    Benefit with Friends
  • Bay of Naples - Carolyn Latanision
    Carolyn Latanision
    Bay of Naples
  • Rockport Art Galleries - Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    Rockport Art Galleries
  • Strings - Donna MacLure
    Donna MacLure
  • Summer Fun - Stephen Manning
    Stephen Manning
    Summer Fun
  • No Left Turn - Antonio Masi
    Antonio Masi
    No Left Turn
  • Power Plant - Craig Masten
    Craig Masten
    Power Plant
  • Harley Power - Joan McPherson
    Joan McPherson
    Harley Power
  • Equal on a Cellular Level - Sally Meding
    Sally Meding
    Equal on a Cellular Level
  • In the Bedroom - Maureen Mellowes
    Maureen Mellowes
    In the Bedroom
  • From the Ship - Sally Mitchell
    Sally Mitchell
    From the Ship
  • Elisa - Joan Murphy
    Joan Murphy
  • Sunset Lobstermen - Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Sunset Lobstermen
  • Brokedown Palace - Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien
    Brokedown Palace
  • Fall Splendor - Debra Petrowski
    Debra Petrowski
    Fall Splendor
  • Haki Brush - Ruth Ann Rego
    Ruth Ann Rego
    Haki Brush
  • Bumpers and Bouys - Harry Ruddock III
    Harry Ruddock III
    Bumpers and Bouys
  • Wire Basket with Apples - Dawn Scaltreto
    Dawn Scaltreto
    Wire Basket with Apples
  • The Mooring - Gary Smith
    Gary Smith
    The Mooring
  • Geoff 2 - Mary Snowden
    Mary Snowden
    Geoff 2
  • Kelly Jean - Kathleen Staab
    Kathleen Staab
    Kelly Jean
  • Oo la Zsa-Zsa! - Bivenne Staiger
    Bivenne Staiger
    Oo la Zsa-Zsa!
  • Paris Waiter - Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
    Paris Waiter
  • Fenced In - John Tomasetti
    John Tomasetti
    Fenced In
  • Dream Catcher - James C. Varnum
    James C. Varnum
    Dream Catcher
  • Stacking Lobster Traps, Monhegan Island - Michael E. Vermette
    Michael E. Vermette
    Stacking Lobster Traps,
    Monhegan Island
  • Food For Thought - P. Anthony Visco
    P. Anthony Visco
    Food For Thought
  • I Heart NY - June Webster
    June Webster
    I Heart NY