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New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2020 North American Open Exhibition


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  • "Legacy Carrier" by Suzanne Accetta
    Suzanne Accetta
    Legacy Carrier
  • "Feel For Freshness" by Jerry Aissis
    Jerry Aissis
    Feel For Freshness
  • "Vision" by Kate Aubrey
    Kate Aubrey
  • "Past Encounter" by Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey
    Past Encounter
  • "Periwinklers Racing The Tide" by Karen Anne Baldauski
    Karen Anne Baldauski
    Periwinklers Racing The Tide
  • "Pelagic Megafauna" by Peter Bass
    Peter Bass
    Pelagic Megafauna
  • "High Tide" by John Bayalis
    John Bayalis
    High Tide
  • "Birds of a Feather 2" by Robin Beckwith
    Robin Beckwith
    Birds of a Feather 2
  • "Twisted Strands" by Marilyn Bedford
    Marilyn Bedford
    Twisted Strands
  • "Paddling" by Diane Bell
    Diane Bell
  • "Cross Section" by Jane Bregoli
    Jane Bregoli
    Cross Section
  • "Triathlon Morning" by Terri Brooks
    Terri Brooks
    Triathlon Morning
  • "Storm Break" by Alonzo Clarke
    Alonzo Clarke
    Storm Break
  • "Lines of Change" by Kathleen Conover
    Kathleen Conover
    Lines of Change
  • "Antica Sartoria" by Gina Croce
    Gina Croce
    Antica Sartoria
  • "Fisherman" by Teresa Cromwell
    Teresa Cromwell
  • "Barred Owl Transcendentalism" by Heather Crowley
    Heather Crowley
    Barred Owl Transcendentalism
  • "Whirlwind" by Cynthia DiDonato
    Cynthia DiDonato
  • "Ballade d'automne" by Renee Dion
    Renee Dion
    Ballade d'automne
  • "Blue Tattoo" by Jackie Dorsey
    Jackie Dorsey
    Blue Tattoo
  • "Chance to Grow" by Caroline Doucette
    Caroline Doucette
    Chance to Grow
  • "Them Apples" by Janet Dowling
    Janet Dowling
    Them Apples
  • "Low Tide" by Anne Downs
    Anne Downs
    Low Tide
  • "We Were Beautiful Once" by Evelyn Dunphy
    Evelyn Dunphy
    We Were Beautiful Once
  • "Passing Great Lakes Steel" by James  Earl
    James Earl
    Passing Great Lakes Steel
  • "Hanging Around" by Gary Eckhart
    Gary Eckhart
    Hanging Around
  • "A Moment at Dusk" by Elizabeth Fawcett
    Elizabeth Fawcett
    A Moment at Dusk
  • "Capt'n" by Z.L. Feng
    Z.L. Feng
  • "Vermont Trout Stream" by Larry Folding
    Larry Folding
    Vermont Trout Stream
  • "Snowed In" by Jeanette Fournier
    Jeanette Fournier
    Snowed In
  • "Meet Me On The Mezzanine" by Sandra Fries
    Sandra Fries
    Meet Me On The Mezzanine
  • "All Star Battle" by Marla Greenfield
    Marla Greenfield
    All Star Battle
  • "Still Here" by Peggi Habets
    Peggi Habets
    Still Here
  • "Ground Crew" by Jackie Habig
    Jackie Habig
    Ground Crew
  • "Cross Beams" by Wendy Hale
    Wendy Hale
    Cross Beams
  • "Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers" by Steve Hamlin
    Steve Hamlin
    Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers
  • "Mute Swan II" by Nelson Hammer
    Nelson Hammer
    Mute Swan II
  • "To Have And To Hold" by Beverly Hammerman
    Beverly Hammerman
    To Have And To Hold
  • "On the Move" by Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    On the Move
  • "Peony Parade" by Yvonne Hemingway
    Yvonne Hemingway
    Peony Parade
  • "Time in a Bottle" by Peter Hoff
    Peter Hoff
    Time in a Bottle
  • "Our House" by Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Our House
  • "Capital with Betty Corning" by Peter Hussey
    Peter Hussey
    Capital with Betty Corning
  • "Jessica, Anguilla" by Christopher Kiersted
    Christopher Kiersted
    Jessica, Anguilla
  • "Walking Together at New York City" by Keizo Koya
    Keizo Koya
    Walking Together at New York City
  • "Bird's Eye View" by Chris Krupinski
    Chris Krupinski
    Bird's Eye View
  • "Why We Recycle" by Andrew Kusmin
    Andrew Kusmin
    Why We Recycle
  • "American Draft" by Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Janet Laird-Lagassee
    American Draft
  • "Hoppin Hill Farmhouse" by Bill Lane
    Bill Lane
    Hoppin Hill Farmhouse
  • "Fading Memories" by Jorge Leon
    Jorge Leon
    Fading Memories
  • "A Breath of Fresh Air" by Dongfeng Li
    Dongfeng Li
    A Breath of Fresh Air
  • "Boiling Shrimp" by Gayle Loik
    Gayle Loik
    Boiling Shrimp
  • "Swirl" by Judy Metcalfe
    Judy Metcalfe
  • "What He Carried" by Lisa Miceli
    Lisa Miceli
    What He Carried
  • "Stephanie I" by Joan Murphy
    Joan Murphy
    Stephanie I
  • "Masked Couple" by Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy
    Masked Couple
  • "Little River Convenience, Gloucester MA" by Karen Nastuk
    Karen Nastuk
    Little River Convenience, Gloucester MA
  • "Caladium!" by Yale Nicolls
    Yale Nicolls
  • "Plastron & Perch" by Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Plastron & Perch
  • "Surfer Dude" by Elizabeth Oberman
    Elizabeth Oberman
    Surfer Dude
  • "Phase 2 on Fabric Row" by Yvonne Posa
    Yvonne Posa
    Phase 2 on Fabric Row
  • "The Other Cat of the House" by Igor Puente
    Igor Puente
    The Other Cat of the House
  • "Tracks" by Michael Ridge
    Michael Ridge
  • "John B." by Irena Roman
    Irena Roman
    John B.
  • "Shell Collector" by Dawn Scaltreto
    Dawn Scaltreto
    Shell Collector
  • "Footbridge - China" by Thomas W Schaller
    Thomas W Schaller
    Footbridge - China
  • "Reverie" by Shauna Shane
    Shauna Shane
  • "Cape Cod" by Eric  Shute
    Eric Shute
    Cape Cod
  • "Carved Flautist" by Susan Smith
    Susan Smith
    Carved Flautist
  • "The Tourist" by Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
    The Tourist
  • "Team" by Edgar Stewart
    Edgar Stewart
  • "Thaw" by Tom Stringe
    Tom Stringe
  • "International Harvester" by Jed Sutter
    Jed Sutter
    International Harvester
  • "Fleet Street II" by Don Taylor
    Don Taylor
    Fleet Street II
  • "Spring Jubilee" by Linda Thomas
    Linda Thomas
    Spring Jubilee
  • "Covid -19 Chaos" by Elinor Thompson
    Elinor Thompson
    Covid -19 Chaos
  • "Cornucopia" by Carmella Tuliszewski
    Carmella Tuliszewski
  • "Captain's Muse, Monhegan Island ME" by Michael E. Vermette
    Michael E. Vermette
    Captain's Muse, Monhegan Island ME
  • "Sunday Afternoon at Beavertail Light" by Stanley Wanczyk
    Stanley Wanczyk
    Sunday Afternoon at Beavertail Light
  • "Day is Done" by June Webster
    June Webster
    Day is Done