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New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2018 North American Open Exhibition


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  • Here Comes the T - Nancy Alimansky
    Nancy Alimansky
    Here Comes the T
  • White Lubec Harbor - Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson
    White Lubec Harbor
  • Peanut Convention - Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey
    Peanut Convention
  • Spirits & Seekers (Page 003) - E. J. Barnes
    E. J. Barnes
    Spirits & Seekers (Page 003)
  • Copley Library Reading Room - Peter Bass
    Peter Bass
    Copley Library Reading Room
  • Spring Graduates - Deanna Beaujot
    Deanna Beaujot
    Spring Graduates
  • Fossils 2 - Robin Beckwith
    Robin Beckwith
    Fossils 2
  • San Pedro Laundry - Matthew Bird
    Matthew Bird
    San Pedro Laundry
  • The Mansard Roof - Diane Bragdon
    Diane Bragdon
    The Mansard Roof
  • Mexican Pitcher, Peppers, Clementines on Stripes - Winifred Breines
    Winifred Breines
    Mexican Pitcher, Peppers,
    Clementines on Stripes
  • Lola - JoAnna Chapin
    JoAnna Chapin
  • Abbot Hall Enwrapped - Frank Costantino
    Frank Costantino
    Abbot Hall Enwrapped

  • Bella Napoli - Gina Croce
    Gina Croce
    Bella Napoli
  • Romance in Red - Nancy M Daly
    Nancy M Daly
    Romance in Red
  • Sole Passage - Cynthia DiDonato
    Cynthia DiDonato
    Sole Passage
  • Wonder - Barbara DiLorenzo
    Barbara DiLorenzo
  • Canadian Steam Fired Up To Run - James  Earl
    James Earl
    Canadian Steam Fired Up To Run
  • Tree Peony in Shadow - Elizabeth Fawcett
    Elizabeth Fawcett
    Tree Peony in Shadow
  • Mountain Man - Z.L. Feng
    Z.L. Feng
    Mountain Man
  • Beetlecat on Weirs Creek - Jon Fish
    Jon Fish
    Beetlecat on Weirs Creek
  • Big Island Beach - Jack Foley
    Jack Foley
    Big Island Beach
  • Social Networking - Jeanette Fournier
    Jeanette Fournier
    Social Networking
  • P Town - In Sunshine & In Shadow - Sandra Fries
    Sandra Fries
    P Town - In Sunshine & In Shadow
  • Dawn on Gloucester Harbor - Paul George
    Paul George
    Dawn on Gloucester Harbor
  • Concert Nap - Antoaneta Georgieva
    Antoaneta Georgieva
    Concert Nap
  • NYC Docks - Jackie Habig
    Jackie Habig
    NYC Docks
  • Port Aransas Green Heron - Steve Hamlin
    Steve Hamlin
    Port Aransas Green Heron
  • Art Student, Sienna - Beverly Hammerman
    Beverly Hammerman
    Art Student, Sienna
  • Screech Owl - Nelson Hammer
    Nelson Hammer
    Screech Owl
  • Night at the Opera - Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    Night at the Opera
  • This way to the Beach - Wendy Hazen
    Wendy Hazen
    This way to the Beach
  • Signs of Spring - Yvonne Hemingway
    Yvonne Hemingway
    Signs of Spring
  • Urban Canvas - Catherine Hillis
    Catherine Hillis
    Urban Canvas
  • Menemsha Harbor - John Holladay
    John Holladay
    Menemsha Harbor
  • River Puzzle - Nancy Howell
    Nancy Howell
    River Puzzle
  • Alvaro's Workshop - Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Alvaro's Workshop
  • Old Caribbean Home Ile de Saints - Christopher Kiersted
    Christopher Kiersted
    Old Caribbean Home Ile de Saints
  • Packard's Porch - Andrew Kusmin
    Andrew Kusmin
    Packard's Porch
  • Time Honored - Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Time Honored
  • Ladles and Cranes Ready, Bethlehem Steel - Carolyn Latanision
    Carolyn Latanision
    Ladles and Cranes Ready,
    Bethlehem Steel
  • Late in the Water - Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    Late in the Water
  • Clementines - Stephen Manning
    Stephen Manning

  • Shadows in the Garage - Claire Marcus
    Claire Marcus
    Shadows in the Garage
  • Raking - Michael Maron
    Michael Maron
  • Reflections in the Harbor - Craig Masten
    Craig Masten
    Reflections in the Harbor
  • The Porch - Marija McCarthy
    Marija McCarthy
    The Porch
  • Sign Of The Times - Carol McSweeney
    Carol McSweeney
    Sign Of The Times
  • Ginestrelle Triptych - Claudia Michael
    Claudia Michael
    Ginestrelle Triptych
  • Curated Pages - Duvian Montoya
    Duvian Montoya
    Curated Pages
  • Milk and Eggs - Steve Morris
    Steve Morris
    Milk and Eggs
  • Modern Man - Linda Murray
    Linda Murray
    Modern Man
  • Cruising - Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
  • Morning Slant, Provence - Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien
    Morning Slant, Provence
  • Forest Series #4 - Yuri Ozaki
    Yuri Ozaki
    Forest Series #4
  • Beneath the Sea - Latha Palackavayalil
    Latha Palackavayalil
    Beneath the Sea
  • Farnese Barn Door 2A - Luis F. Perez
    Luis F. Perez
    Farnese Barn Door 2A
  • Bells and Tomatoes on Vine - Debra  Petrowski
    Debra Petrowski
    Bells and Tomatoes on Vine
  • Fall Harvest - Erica Qualey
    Erica Qualey
    Fall Harvest
  • Afternoon Break - Michael Ridge
    Michael Ridge
    Afternoon Break
  • Citrus - Irena Roman
    Irena Roman
  • Farm Share - Susan Roux
    Susan Roux
    Farm Share
  • Railroad Bramble - Harry Ruddock III
    Harry Ruddock III
    Railroad Bramble
  • Dry Dock - Fran Scully
    Fran Scully
    Dry Dock
  • Frenchman's Bay - Eric  Shute
    Eric Shute
    Frenchman's Bay
  • Sunchokes - Katie Sluder
    Katie Sluder
  • Expanse - Gary Smith
    Gary Smith
  • Colby's Creek - Robert Steedman
    Robert Steedman
    Colby's Creek
  • Work Force - E. Jane  Stoddard
    E. Jane Stoddard
    Work Force
  • Linden St and Brighton Ave, Allston - Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan
    Linden St and Brighton Ave, Allston
  • Run-down Village - Hongbing Tang
    Hongbing Tang
    Run-down Village
  • From the Wall at San Gimignano - Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker
    From the Wall at San Gimignano
  • Ghost - James C. Varnum
    James C. Varnum
  • Plumage - P. Anthony Visco
    P. Anthony Visco
  • Into The Light - Madeleine von Hemert
    Madeleine von Hemert
    Into The Light
  • Ice Pond Trail - Gregg Wapner
    Gregg Wapner
    Ice Pond Trail
  • Dawn's Early Light - June Webster
    June Webster
    Dawn's Early Light
  • Trapped - Wendy Webster Good
    Wendy Webster Good
  • Morning Bell - Russel Whitten
    Russel Whitten
    Morning Bell
  • Ice Jam - Karol Wyckoff
    Karol Wyckoff
    Ice Jam