New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2018 North American Open Exhibition

"Copley Library Reading Room" by Peter Bass
First Prize
"Copley Library Reading Room" by Peter Bass

Art Complex Museum
189 Alden Street
Duxbury, MA

September 16, 2018 - January 13, 2019

Congratulations to the Award Winners


  • New England Watercolor Society
    First Place Award - $1000
    Peter Bass   Copley Library Reading Room
    “The suggestion of light with contrasting warm and cool hues and just enough detail to get an understanding of the space without overstating. Beautifully rendered! The design is complex and well thought out.” Iain Stewart

  • New England Watercolor Society 
    Second Place Award - $750
    Robert Noreika   Cruising
    “This is a carnival and a delight of energy, color and gesture. A spontaneous watercolor done with confidence.” Iain Stewart

  • New England Watercolor Society
    Third Place Award - $500
    Robert Steedman   Colby’s Creek
    “A technically executed watercolor. Mixes controlled traditional painting with a looser technique in the rocks. A very inviting scene with areas of rest offset with areas of activity.” Iain Stewart

  • Marilyn Sabin Memorial Award - $1,000
    Irena Roman   Citrus
    “Classic, hyper-realistic with subtle patterns in the tablecloth offset by the bold yellow lemons with touches of green. The shadows and hidden surprises of reflected light pull me back into the composition.” Iain Stewart

  • The Vermont Community Foundation 
    Alden and Mary Bryan Award for Traditional Landscape, Seascape or Cityscape - $1000
    Madeleine von Hemert   Into the Light
    “A subtle watercolor at its best. Painted with confidence and forethought exhibits complete understanding of the medium.” Iain Stewart

  • Mary Jo Rines Memorial 
    Award for Innovation in Art- $500
    Linda Murray   Modern Man
    “Strong emotion of unrest and intrigue. A mixture of organic shapes moving into mechanical, insect-like shapes. Lots of textural elements kept me coming back to this piece.” Iain Stewart

  • Loring Coleman Award - $500
    Eric Shute   Frenchman’s Bay
    “The position of the house and the way it splits the page makes it a very intriguing composition including the large white facade against the simple background.” Iain Stewart

  • Bernice & Albert B. Cohen Family Trust Award - $250
    Z. L. Feng   Mountain Man

  • Virginia Avery Award - $250
    Frank Costantino   Abbot Hall Enwrapped

  • Royal Talens Rembrant Award - $500
    Deanne Beaujot   Spring Graduates

  • Grumbacher Chartpak Award- $300
    Russel Whitten   Morning Bell

  • Image Resolutions Award - $200
    June Webster   Dawn’s Early Light

  • Stanhope Framers Award - $200
    Matthew Bird   San Pedro Laundry

  • Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award - $200
    Carol McSweeney   Sign of the Times

  • Dick Blick Art Materials Award - $200
    Christopher Kiersted   Old Caribbean Home, Ile de Saints

  • Utrecht Art Supplies Award - $200
    Michael Ridge   Afternoon Break

  • Canson, Inc. Award - $200
    Janet Laird-Lagassee   Time Honored

  • M. Graham and Company Award - $200
    Steven Lush   Late in the Water

  • Winsor & Newton; ColArt Americas Award - $166
    Robert O’Brien   Morning Slant, Provence

  • Jack Richeson and Co. Award - $150
    Cynthia Didonato   Sole Passage

  • H. K. Holbein and Co. Award - $122.50
    Yuri Ozaki   Forest Series #4

  • Strathmore Artist Papers Award - $100
    Gary Tucker   From the Wall at San Gimignano

  • Creative Catalyst Productions Award - $60
    Craig Masten   Reflections in the Harbor