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New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2016 North American Open Exhibition


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  • "February Blues Two" by Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson
    February Blues Two
  • "Mission Hill Rooftops" by Peter Bass
    Peter Bass
    Mission Hill Rooftops
  • "Pearl" by Robin Beckwith
    Robin Beckwith
  • "Determination I" by Anne Belson
    Anne Belson
    Determination I
  • "Little Jester" by Annelein Beukenkamp
    Annelein Beukenkamp
    Little Jester
  • "Hot Wax" by Julie Blanchard
    Julie Blanchard
    Hot Wax
  • "The Red Chair" by Sharon Boyle
    Sharon Boyle
    The Red Chair
  • "Technology" by Suzanne Brailey
    Suzanne Brailey
  • "White Bottles, Paintbrushes, Oranges" by Winifred Breines
    Winifred Breines
    White Bottles, Paintbrushes,
  • "The Last Goodbye" by Gigi Burboeck
    Gigi Burboeck
    The Last Goodbye
  • "Recollection" by Diana Hosley Burchfield
    Diana Hosley Burchfield
  • "Live Oaks" by Sally Caswell
    Sally Caswell
    Live Oaks
  • "Blue Ridge Skies Twilight" by Anne Palms Chalmers
    Anne Palms Chalmers
    Blue Ridge Skies Twilight
  • "The Heron" by JoAnna Chapin
    JoAnna Chapin
    The Heron
  • "Gloucester Harbor" by JoAnne Chittick
    JoAnne Chittick
    Gloucester Harbor
  • "Ruth and Bell" by Michael Compton
    Michael Compton
    Ruth and Bell
  • "Sunflower Medley" by Barbara Donnelly
    Barbara Donnelly
    Sunflower Medley
  • "Cobweb Patrol" by Gerarde Doucette
    Gerarde Doucette
    Cobweb Patrol
  • "Misty Fjord 2" by Paul Dudek
    Paul Dudek
    Misty Fjord 2
  • "A Cuddle of Sand Dollars" by Evelyn Dunphy
    Evelyn Dunphy
    A Cuddle of Sand Dollars
  • "Promenade" by Frank Federico
    Frank Federico
  • "Je Vous Ecoute, Monsieur" by Steven Foote
    Steven Foote
    Je Vous Ecoute, Monsieur
  • "Shadows" by Paul George
    Paul George
  • "Pack Ice 4, Antarctica" by Lisa Goren
    Lisa Goren
    Pack Ice 4, Antarctica
  • "Cattails" by Joey Grant
    Joey Grant
  • "After the Storm" by Chuck Guest
    Chuck Guest
    After the Storm
  • "Great Halibut Quarry" by Marion Hall
    Marion Hall
    Great Halibut Quarry
  • "Cacophony" by Beverly Hammerman
    Beverly Hammerman
  • "He Who Channels the Past" by Richard Hanson
    Richard Hanson
    He Who Channels the Past
  • "Hotel - Block Island" by Jack Haran
    Jack Haran
    Hotel - Block Island
  • "Rock Forms and Waves" by Anne Harhay
    Anne Harhay
    Rock Forms and Waves
  • "French Quarter Blues" by Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    French Quarter Blues
  • "Catching the Light" by Karyl Hayes
    Karyl Hayes
    Catching the Light
  • "Addie at Sand Beach" by Pamela Haynes
    Pamela Haynes
    Addie at Sand Beach
  • "A Jewel of a Day" by Virginia Hill
    Virginia Hill
    A Jewel of a Day
  • "Armenian Survivor of the Desert" by Mary Hilt
    Mary Hilt
    Armenian Survivor
    of the Desert
  • "A Moment in Rockland" by Stephen Holland
    Stephen Holland
    A Moment in Rockland
  • "Mackerel on Majolica" by Amy Hourihan
    Amy Hourihan
    Mackerel on Majolica
  • "Glendalough, Ireland" by Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Glendalough, Ireland
  • "Seeing Red" by Lance Hunter
    Lance Hunter
    Seeing Red
  • "Firm Hand" by Rance Jones
    Rance Jones
    Firm Hand
  • "Early Spring Morning in Edgartown" by Christopher Kiersted
    Christopher Kiersted
    Early Spring Morning
    in Edgartown
  • "Berries Growing Next Door" by Nancy Levin
    Nancy Levin
    Berries Growing Next Door
  • "Eventide" by Carole Loiacono
    Carole Loiacono
  • "Grand Canal Nocturne, Venice" by Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    Grand Canal Nocturne, Venice
  • "Silver and Gold" by Donna MacLure
    Donna MacLure
    Silver and Gold
  • "Red, White & Blue" by Claire Marcus
    Claire Marcus
    Red, White & Blue
  • "Repairing the Customs House" by Michael Maron
    Michael Maron
    Repairing the Customs House
  • "Apartment Building, NYC" by Craig Masten
    Craig Masten
    Apartment Building, NYC
  • "Postlude" by Robert Mesrop
    Robert Mesrop
  • "Pathway" by Claudia Michael
    Claudia Michael
  • "Evening Comes" by Diane Minuti
    Diane Minuti
    Evening Comes
  • "Dawn" by Paul Mogan
    Paul Mogan
  • "Grand Flora" by Arlene Mollo
    Arlene Mollo
    Grand Flora
  • "Alicia" by Joan Murphy
    Joan Murphy
  • "Blue Cove" by Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Blue Cove
  • "Hollyhock Light" by Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien
    Hollyhock Light
  • "Parisian Street" by Latha Palackavayalil
    Latha Palackavayalil
    Parisian Street
  • "Cliff Face, Lake Powell" by Roy Perkinson
    Roy Perkinson
    Cliff Face, Lake Powell
  • "Portrait of the Artist" by William Perry
    William Perry
    Portrait of the Artist
  • "Citrons" by Debra Petrowski
    Debra Petrowski
  • "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home" by Sheila Rice
    Sheila Rice
    If You Lived Here,
    You'd Be Home
  • "Steam" by Irena Roman
    Irena Roman
  • "Cowboy" by Marlin Rotach
    Marlin Rotach
  • "Vineyard Bouys" by Harry Ruddock III
    Harry Ruddock III
    Vineyard Bouys
  • "Entrapment" by Nan Rumpf
    Nan Rumpf
  • "Above the Tide Line" by Charles Shurcliff
    Charles Shurcliff
    Above the Tide Line
  • "No Esta Picante" by Katie Sluder
    Katie Sluder
    No Esta Picante
  • "Boston from Nut Island" by Mary Smith
    Mary Smith
    Boston from Nut Island
  • "Paris 11 AM" by Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
    Paris 11 AM
  • "Signs of Winter" by Robert Steedman
    Robert Steedman
    Signs of Winter
  • "Team of Three" by Robert Steinmetz
    Robert Steinmetz
    Team of Three
  • "Honfleur Harbour" by Marilyn Swift
    Marilyn Swift
    Honfleur Harbour
  • "Angles and Arches" by Don Taylor
    Don Taylor
    Angles and Arches
  • "White Irises" by John Tomasetti
    John Tomasetti
    White Irises
  • "The Tobin" by Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker
    The Tobin
  • "How Far the Moon" by James C. Varnum
    James C. Varnum
    How Far the Moon
  • "Cebollas" by Patricia Varon
    Patricia Varon
  • "Fruit of the Rose" by Nancy Walton
    Nancy Walton
    Fruit of the Rose
  • "Morning in Paris" by June Webster
    June Webster
    Morning in Paris