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New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2016 North American Open Exhibition

"A  Cuddle of Sand Dollars," by Evelyn Dunphy
First Prize
"A Cuddle of Sand Dollars," by Evelyn Dunphy

North Shore Art Association
11 Pirates Lane
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-1857

September 25-October 29, 2016

Congratulations to the Award Winners


  • 1st Prize - A Cuddle of Sand Dollars by Evelyn Dunphy
    "A stunning painting, bold in its concept, composition and execution."
  • 2nd Prize - Cobweb Patrol by Gerarde Doucette
    "An engaging work, with a well composed use of the figure, texture and depth."
  • 3rd Prize - Pack Ice, Antarctica by Lisa Goren
    "A wonderfully abstracted and inventive work. Atmospheric and appealing to the senses."
  • Marilyn Sabin Memorial Award - The Tobin by Gary Tucker
    "Watercolor at its best. Great command of the medium, and understanding of values and atmosphere."
  • Alden and Mary Bryant/Vermont Community Award - Glendalough, Ireland by Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    "A gorgeous sweep of landscape. Innovative and expressive brushwork."
  • Mary Jo Rines Memorial Award - Shadows by Paul George
    "Light-filled and luminous. Executed with confidence and skill."
  • Loring Coleman Award - Mission Hill Rooftops by Peter Bass
    "A surprising and innovative urban landscape. Ernest and straightforward."
  • Stanhope Framers Award - He Who Channels the Past (Street Series) by Richard Hanson
    "Superb composition and use of shape. A lovely integration of shape and texture."
  • Image Resolutions Award - Hollyhock Light by Robert O'Brien
    "Delicate, light-struck and luminous. The artist has captured the true essence of the flower."
  • Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award - Technology by Suzanne Brailey
    "Original and contemporary. An inviting portrayal of childhood without being sentimental. Fresh and painterly."
  • Art Supplies Wholesale of Beverly Award - Portrait of the Artist by William Perry
    "A powerful work, particularly in the shadows. Compelling."
  • Dick Blick Art Materials Award - Above the Tide Line by Charles Shurcliff
    "Exuberant brushwork that is both descriptive and innovative."
  • Utrecht Art Supplies Award - Grand Flora by Arlene Mollow
    "A beautiful invention of shapes, that is both inviting and fanciful."
  • Canson, Inc. Award - Cattails by Joey Grant
    "Innovative use of abstracted shapes. Strong sense of texture, light and depth."
  • M. Graham and Company Award - A Moment in Rockland by Stephen Holland
    "Well executed and nicely composed. A nice use of transparent and opaque brushwork."
  • Winsor & Newton Award - Berries Growing Next Door by Nancy Levin
    "Lush brushwork and saturated color. A lovely repetition of shapes."
  • Jack Richeson and Co. Award - The Last Goodbye by Gigi Burboeck
    "Rich, bold and appealing in movement and color."
  • H. K. Holbein and Co. Award - Morning in Paris by June Webster
    "Elegant in its simplicity. Harmonious grouping of shapes."
  • Golden Artist Colors Award - Entrapment by Nan Rumpf
    "A Gem of an abstract. A beautiful balance of line and shape."
  • Creative Catalyst Productions Award - Seeing Red by Lance Hunter
    "Bold, innovative and surprising. The abstract shapes work together beautifully."
  • Strathmore Artist Papers Award - White Bottles, Paintbrushes and Oranges by Winifred Brienes
    "A marvelous use of white and negative space. Light-filled and beautifully composed."