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New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

2014 North American Open Exhibition


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  • "Coming and Going" by Jerry Aissis
    Jerry Aissis
    Coming and Going
  • "Mill Pond Tranquility" by Bradford Allen
    Bradford Allen
    Mill Pond Tranquility
  • "February Blues" by Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson
    February Blues
  • "Ballerina" by Lynne Atwood
    Lynne Atwood
  • "Let Me Explain it This Way" by Annelein Beukenkamp
    Annelein Beukenkamp
    Let Me Explain it This Way
  • "Morning Sun" by Kara Bigda
    Kara Bigda
    Morning Sun
  • "Cherry Tomatoes in Blue and White Bowl" by Winifred Breines
    Winifred Breines
    Cherry Tomatoes in Blue and White Bowl
  • "Summer Harvest" by Maureen Brookfield
    Maureen Brookfield
    Summer Harvest
  • "Girl at Piano" by Jean Cannon
    Jean Cannon
    Girl at Piano
  • "Lighthouse Laundry" by Penny Champagne
    Penny Champagne
    Lighthouse Laundry
  • "Berries" by Lilly Cleveland
    Lilly Cleveland
  • "Vertebra Trio" by Rachel Collins
    Rachel Collins
    Vertebra Trio
  • "Dormant Field" by David Colon Jr.
    David Colon Jr.
    Dormant Field
  • "Studio Glass" by Tony Conner
    Tony Conner
    Studio Glass
  • "The Dry Culvert" by Joan Croce
    Joan Croce
    The Dry Culvert
  • "Urban Pride" by Mark DiDio
    Mark DiDio
    Urban Pride
  • "Nonna" by Barbara DiLorenzo
    Barbara DiLorenzo
  • "The Pearl" by Gerarde Doucette
    Gerarde Doucette
    The Pearl
  • "Water 22" by Paul Dudek
    Paul Dudek
    Water 22
  • "Morning's Blue Glory" by Karen Dunderdale
    Karen Dunderdale
    Morning's Blue Glory
  • "Canadian Steam Heading Out" by James Earl
    James Earl
    Canadian Steam Heading Out
  • "The Promise of Spring" by Elizabeth Fawcett
    Elizabeth Fawcett
    The Promise of Spring
  • "Red Brush" by Z.L. Feng
    Z.L. Feng
    Red Brush
  • "Fisherman's Wife" by Kathleen Fox
    Kathleen Fox
    Fisherman's Wife
  • "Blue Willow With Pears" by Maryann Goblick
    Maryann Goblick
    Blue Willow With Pears
  • "Cup of Calm" by Marla Greenfield
    Marla Greenfield
    Cup of Calm
  • "Birches" by Marion Hall
    Marion Hall
  • "The Guardian" by Daydre Hamilton
    Daydre Hamilton
    The Guardian
  • "Brown-headed Nuthatch" by Steve Hamlin
    Steve Hamlin
    Brown-headed Nuthatch
  • "Two Hour Portrait Session" by Jack Haran
    Jack Haran
    Two Hour Portrait Session
  • "The Guardian" by Yvonne Hemingway
    Yvonne Hemingway
    The Guardian
  • "Menotomy Hunter in the Park" by Mary Hilt
    Mary Hilt
    Menotomy Hunter in the Park
  • "Menemsha 2" by John Holladay
    John Holladay
    Menemsha 2
  • "The Factory" by Stephen Holland
    Stephen Holland
    The Factory
  • "Toledo, Spain" by Robert Hsiung
    Robert Hsiung
    Toledo, Spain
  • "The Apprentice" by Peter Jeziorski
    Peter Jeziorski
    The Apprentice
  • "Lunch on South Beach" by Marilyn Johansen
    Marilyn Johansen
    Lunch on South Beach
  • "Memory" by Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Janet Laird-Lagassee
  • "Reflections on a Winter Stream" by Paul Loescher
    Paul Loescher
    Reflections on a Winter Stream
  • "Gloucester Marine Railway" by Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    Gloucester Marine Railway
  • "Sentinel" by Jeanne Maguire Thieme
    Jeanne Maguire Thieme
  • "Tulips on Danforth Road" by Michael Maron
    Michael Maron
    Tulips on Danforth Road
  • "Domain of the Duck" by Marija McCarthy
    Marija McCarthy
    Domain of the Duck
  • "Abraham" by Dan McCole
    Dan McCole
  • "Cascade City" by Sally Meding
    Sally Meding
    Cascade City
  • "Entering Oak Bluffs" by Robert Mesrop
    Robert Mesrop
    Entering Oak Bluffs
  • "Ginestrelli Gold" by Claudia Michael
    Claudia Michael
    Ginestrelli Gold
  • "Cool Jazz on a Rainy Afternoon" by Michael Milburn
    Michael Milburn
    Cool Jazz on a Rainy Afternoon
  • "No Fish on Sunday" by Paul Mogan
    Paul Mogan
    No Fish on Sunday
  • "Garden Fantasy" by Linda Murray
    Linda Murray
    Garden Fantasy
  • "In the Moment" by Carolyn Newberger
    Carolyn Newberger
    In the Moment
  • "Dock Pyramid" by Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Dock Pyramid
  • "Reflected Peony Light" by Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien
    Reflected Peony Light
  • "Under Wraps" by Robert Perkowski
    Robert Perkowski
    Under Wraps
  • "Ebbtide Ledges" by Carlton Plummer
    Carlton Plummer
    Ebbtide Ledges
  • "Stewartia" by Yvonne Posa
    Yvonne Posa
  • "Checkerboard Reflections" by Thomas Rebek
    Thomas Rebek
    Checkerboard Reflections
  • "Periwinkle Blues" by Joanne Roach-Evans
    Joanne Roach-Evans
    Periwinkle Blues
  • "Saucepans" by Irena Roman
    Irena Roman
  • "Reflected (North Meadows of Deerfield)" by Harry Ruddock III
    Harry Ruddock III
    Reflected (North Meadows of Deerfield)
  • "Recurring Dream" by Nan Rumpf
    Nan Rumpf
    Recurring Dream
  • "Not Invited" by Mary Smith
    Mary Smith
    Not Invited
  • "The Zone" by Kathleen Staab
    Kathleen Staab
    The Zone
  • "Reflections of Music" by Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
    Reflections of Music
  • "Cottage with Rocks" by Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan
    Cottage with Rocks
  • "Dry Dock" by Marilyn Swift
    Marilyn Swift
    Dry Dock
  • "Casablanca Lilies" by Linda Thomas
    Linda Thomas
    Casablanca Lilies
  • "Barista" by Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker
  • "Feeding the Gulls Lobster Shells" by Michael E. Vermette
    Michael E. Vermette
    Feeding the Gulls Lobster Shells
  • "Abandoned" by P. Anthony Visco
    P. Anthony Visco
  • "Beavertail Light" by Stanley Wanczyk
    Stanley Wanczyk
    Beavertail Light
  • "Out for a Ride" by Susan Weintraub
    Susan Weintraub
    Out for a Ride
  • "Symmetry / Asymmetry" by Janis Wisniewski
    Janis Wisniewski
    Symmetry / Asymmetry
  • "Duck Creek Autumn" by Karol Wyckoff
    Karol Wyckoff
    Duck Creek Autumn