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Smarter Entry

The New England Watercolor Society uses Smarter Entry for most show submissions.

Submit your entries at Smarter Entry

Once logged into Smarter Entry, please select the show you are submitting to from the list of available competitions. Please note that you may not be eligible to submit to some competitions in the list.

If you are new to Smarter Entry, here are a few tips:

  • Unlike many submission services, when submitting through Smarter Entry, you pay for your entries first. A submitting artist purchases entry credits for a particular show (called a competition by Smarter Entry). He or she then uses the credits to submit his/her entry or entries.
  • Where applicable, member discounts are given with a promo code. The promo code is emailed to all current members (included in every member email promoting a biennial show). It must be entered in the Promo Code field when paying for entries to be applied. Member discounts are usually available for biennial shows only (not for NEWS Gallery shows or the Signature Member Show).
  • Photos of submitted paintings should be sharp and well-lit. Your success depends as much on the quality of the submitted photo as it does on the quality of the art.
    • Don't photograph your painting behind glass.
    • Don't include mat or frame in your photo.
    • Make sure the lighting is as uniform as possible - photographing outdoors on a bright overcast day works well.
    • If you can, crop and straighten your photo.
  • When entering the entry details about your painting, dimensions can be either framed or unframed, but we need to know which it is. Please use the 'Additional Notes' field to tell us.
Please direct email inquiries to Tony Visco ( Please indicate that the inquiry is regarding NEWS. Inquiries will either be answered or forwarded to the appropriate party.

Submit your entries at Smarter Entry