New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

NEWS Members

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipients are NEWS Signature Member Artists who have made exceptional contribution to the organization and the genre of watercolor.


  1. Contributed to NEWS over many years through exceptional service in a number of the following areas:
    1. Served as a member of the NEWS Board.
    2. Served as an officer on the NEWS Board.
    3. Continued to support and consult/advise with the NEWS Board after retiring from the NEWS Board.
    4. Served as Chair or Lead Organizer for NEWS Shows, Workshops and other Events.
    5. Established and maintained public relations for good rapport between NEWS and other regional and national art associations.
    6. Created goodwill among NEWS members and the community.
  2. Maintained consistent excellence in painting through:
    1. Participation in NEWS Exhibitions.
    2. Participation in other regional and national exhibitions.
    3. Receipt of awards and citations.
  3. Contributed to the education of NEWS Members and the general public about the art of watercolor painting through:
    1. Demonstrations.
    2. Workshops.
    3. Lectures.
    4. Teaching.
    5. Publication of work in educational art journals, periodicals and books.