New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

NEWS Members

Award of Distinction Membership

Recipients have supported NEWS and our mission in exceptional ways other than through NEWS signature membership and artistic excellence.  This award can go to individuals or organizations and does not require that the individual be a water media artist.


  1. Made outstanding contributions to NEWS through such actions as:
    1. Making a large financial contribution – in cash or kind.
    2. Leading a major fund-raising program.
    3. Repeatedly attracting top quality artists for jurors, workshops and other events.
    4. Volunteering exceptional service to NEWS over many years.
  2. Made outstanding contributions in the promotion and understanding of watercolor genres through community service or education, such as:
    1. Donating art supplies to a school or other organization to support teaching of watercolor
    2. Sponsoring (funding) either a major one-time or substantial ongoing award for excellence in watercolors. 
    3. Sponsoring an ongoing purchase award.
    4. Supporting watercolor artists through major ongoing private or corporate collection.
    5. Funding an artist in residence.

Recognition and Benefits:

  1. Presentation at Annual Meeting.
  2. Certificate.
  3. Permanent listing on the NEWS website in a page for NEWS Award of Distinction Recipients.
  4. Permanent listing in the History Books.