2018 Signature Member Show

"I Saw Red" by Gerarde Jean Doucette
Gold Medal
"I Saw Red" by Gerarde Jean Doucette

Guild of Boston Artists
162 Newbury St.
Boston MA

February 6 to March 4, 2018


Congratulations to the award winners selected by judge Frederick C. Graff AWS-DF, NWS, TWSA-MS.

  • Gold Medal -
    Gerarde Jean Doucette, I Saw Red
  • Silver Medal -
    Robert Noreika, Blue Harbor View
  • Bronze Medal -
    Julie Blanchard, Raspberry Crumble
  • Joseph Santoro Memorial Award -
    Robert O'Brien, Kerosene Can
  • Tuttle-Robie Memorial Award -
    Marilyn Swift, The Grey Sweater
  • North Shore Art Association Award -
    Robin Beckwith, Primaries
  • Guild of Boston Artists Award for excellence in realism -
    Marla Greenfield, All Star Convention
  • H. K. Holbein and Co. Merchandise Award -
    Richard Sabin, Afterglow, Mt. Washington
  • Honorable Mention -
    Carolyn Latanision, Blast Furnace Hot Valves
  • Honorable Mention -
    Donna MacLure, Tea and Sweets

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  • Basket Series with Apples # 3 - Paul Alie
    Paul Alie
    Basket Series with Apples # 3
  • Flynn's Landing - Nancy Alimansky
    Nancy Alimansky
    Flynn's Landing
  • Ogunquit Beach - Jill Crossman Anderson
    Jill Crossman Anderson
    Ogunquit Beach
  • Boston Public Garden - Raymond Andreotti
    Raymond Andreotti
    Boston Public Garden
  • Back Porch Sunlight - Mildred Bartee
    Mildred Bartee
    Back Porch Sunlight
  • Primaries - Robin Beckwith
    Robin Beckwith
  • Alice at Work, Age 15, 1918 - Anne Belson
    Anne Belson
    Alice at Work, Age 15, 1918
  • Emergence - Seth Berkowitz
    Seth Berkowitz
  • Raspberry Crumble - Julie Blanchard
    Julie Blanchard
    Raspberry Crumble
  • Sorrento - Suzanne Brailey
    Suzanne Brailey
  • White Colander, Blue and White Bowl, Oranges - Winifred Breines
    Winifred Breines
    White Colander,
    Blue and White Bowl, Oranges
  • City Slickers - Maureen K. Brookfield
    Maureen K. Brookfield
    City Slickers
  • Giacometti and Pollock - Terri Brooks
    Terri Brooks
    Giacometti and Pollock
  • Grooming - Gigi Burboeck
    Gigi Burboeck
  • Early Morning Light, Tuscany - Mary Callahan
    Mary Callahan
    Early Morning Light, Tuscany
  • Blackstone Boulevard - Cathy Chin
    Cathy Chin
    Blackstone Boulevard
  • Brownstones and Blossoms - JoAnne Chittick
    JoAnne Chittick
    Brownstones and Blossoms
  • Shapes of Spring - Lilly Cleveland
    Lilly Cleveland
    Shapes of Spring
  • Cerulean Study - Tony Conner
    Tony Conner
    Cerulean Study
  • Uphill Dory II, Monhegan Island - Frank Costantino
    Frank Costantino
    Uphill Dory II,
    Monhegan Island
  • ISHIA - Francesca D'Elia
    Francesca D'Elia
  • And Through It All - Ann Trainor Domingue
    Ann Trainor Domingue
    And Through It All
  • I Saw Red - Gerarde Jean Doucette
    Gerarde Jean Doucette
    I Saw Red
  • Vaughn Woods - Diane Dubreuil
    Diane Dubreuil
    Vaughn Woods
  • Birches - Paul H. Dudek
    Paul H. Dudek
  • Color of Sky And Stone - Evelyn Dunphy
    Evelyn Dunphy
    Color of Sky And Stone
  • Hingham Marsh Misty Morning - James Earl
    James Earl
    Hingham Marsh Misty Morning
  • Yesterday - Jon Fish
    Jon Fish
  • Path of Light - Paul George
    Paul George
    Path of Light
  • Rooftops of Valbonne - Maryann Goblick
    Maryann Goblick
    Rooftops of Valbonne
  • Patterns - Anne Gordon
    Anne Gordon
  • All Star Convention - Marla Greenfield
    Marla Greenfield
    All Star Convention
  • Abundance Of Roses - Paula Grimes
    Paula Grimes
    Abundance Of Roses
  • Online at Marcy's - Wendy Hale
    Wendy Hale
    Online at Marcy's
  • Shell Gasoline - Becky Haletky
    Becky Haletky
    Shell Gasoline
  • Boys' Club - Steve Hamlin
    Steve Hamlin
    Boys' Club
  • Laundry, Monhegan House - Jack Haran
    Jack Haran
    Laundry, Monhegan House
  • Trunk Show - Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    Trunk Show
  • Speaking of the Genocide - Mary Hilt
    Mary Hilt
    Speaking of the Genocide
  • Recital - Stephen H. Holland
    Stephen H. Holland
  • Farm Rhythms - Nancy Sargent Howell
    Nancy Sargent Howell
    Farm Rhythms
  • Portrait of Biftu - Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Portrait of Biftu
  • Shore Study, Island Bones - Nancy Davis Johnson
    Nancy Davis Johnson
    Shore Study, Island Bones
  • Purple Royal - S. Chandler Kissell
    S. Chandler Kissell
    Purple Royal
  • Zimbabwe Pink - Andrew Kusmin
    Andrew Kusmin
    Zimbabwe Pink
  • Ode to Tea - Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Janet Laird-Lagassee
    Ode to Tea
  • Shady Lane - Bill Lane
    Bill Lane
    Shady Lane
  • McLoon's Barn - Richard LaRoche
    Richard LaRoche
    McLoon's Barn
  • Blast Furnace Hot Valves - Carolyn Latanision
    Carolyn Latanision
    Blast Furnace Hot Valves
  • The Compressor Lift (SOMA Project) - Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    The Compressor Lift (SOMA Project)
  • Tea and Sweets - Donna MacLure
    Donna MacLure
    Tea and Sweets
  • Waiting on the Job - Claire Marcus
    Claire Marcus
    Waiting on the Job
  • View from the Point - Marija P. McCarthy
    Marija P. McCarthy
    View from the Point
  • Preston's Bridge - Paul McMahan
    Paul McMahan
    Preston's Bridge
  • Manana Island, Monhegan, Maine - Joan McPherson
    Joan McPherson
    Manana Island, Monhegan, Maine
  • Balancing Act - Sally J. Meding
    Sally J. Meding
    Balancing Act
  • In Bristol Shape - Robert Mesrop
    Robert Mesrop
    In Bristol Shape
  • Progeny - Judy Metcalfe, AWS
    Judy Metcalfe, AWS
  • Mixed Forecast - Sally Sawyer Mitchell
    Sally Sawyer Mitchell
    Mixed Forecast
  • In a Mellow Tone - Carolyn Newberger
    Carolyn Newberger
    In a Mellow Tone
  • Woodland Falls - Thomas Nicholas NA
    Thomas Nicholas NA
    Woodland Falls
  • Blue Harbor View - Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Blue Harbor View
  • Kerosene Can - Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien
    Kerosene Can
  • Cordes Sur Ciel - Margaret Fox Rawls
    Margaret Fox Rawls
    Cordes Sur Ciel
  • Busy Day - Louis Rizzo
    Louis Rizzo
    Busy Day
  • Biblical Lilies - Marjorie Rizzo
    Marjorie Rizzo
    Biblical Lilies
  • Spiral - Irena Roman
    Irena Roman
  • Spring - Nan Rumpf
    Nan Rumpf
  • Afterglow, Mt. Washington - Richard Sabin
    Richard Sabin
    Afterglow, Mt. Washington
  • This Autumn Day - Frances Schreiber
    Frances Schreiber
    This Autumn Day
  • Still Lives - Peg Scully
    Peg Scully
    Still Lives
  • Boston Public Library - Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
    Boston Public Library
  • The Grey Sweater - Marilyn Swift
    Marilyn Swift
    The Grey Sweater
  • ZAZ Tying The Lobster Trap Rope - Michael E. Vermette
    Michael E. Vermette
    ZAZ Tying The Lobster Trap Rope
  • On the Green - P. Anthony Visco
    P. Anthony Visco
    On the Green
  • As the Fog Rolls In - Nancy Walton
    Nancy Walton
    As the Fog Rolls In
  • Rainy Night on Broadway - June Webster
    June Webster
    Rainy Night on Broadway
  • Paint Factory - Paint Factory
    Joyce Wood
    Paint Factory
  • Vintage Traps - Karol Wyckoff
    Karol Wyckoff
    Vintage Traps