"Purple Mountains," Gracia Dayton
First Prize
"Purple Mountains," by Gracia Dayton

2015 New England Watercolor Society Regional Show

Cape Cod Creative Arts Center, 154 Crowell Road, Chatham MA 02633 (508) 945-3583

July 8—August 1, 2015


Congratulations to the prizewinners:

  • 1st prize: Gracia Dayton, Purple Mountains
  • 2nd prize: Paul Dudek, Water 24
  • 3rd prize: Gigi Burboek, Ancient Chambers-Egypt
  • Honorable Mention: Nan Rumpf, The Journey
  • Honorable Mention: Robert Mesrop, In The Yard
  • Honorable Mention: Donna MacLure, Tangled
  • Andrew Kusmin Award: June Webster, Winter in Soho
  • George Shedd Award: Yvonne Hemingway, Summer Rhodies
  • Marshall Joyce Award: Shauna Shane, Future

Accepted Work

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  • On The Fourth Day - Paul Alie
    Paul Alie
    On The Fourth Day
  • When We Lived in Sober Autumn - Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson
    When We Lived in Sober Autumn
  • Harvard Square Crossing - Seth Berkowitz
    Seth Berkowitz
    Harvard Square Crossing
  • Produce Production - D'Ann Brownrigg
    D'Ann Brownrigg
    Produce Production
  • Ancient Chamber-Egypt - Gigi Burboeck
    Gigi Burboeck
    Ancient Chamber-Egypt
  • Birth of a Dock - Patricia Cahalan
    Patricia Cahalan
    Birth of a Dock
  • Farmhouse In Chianti - Mary Callahan
    Mary Callahan
    Farmhouse In Chianti
  • Summer Beauty - Judith Freeman Clark
    Judith Freeman Clark
    Summer Beauty
  • Early Spring - Anita Cohen
    Anita Cohen
    Early Spring
  • Purple Mountains - Gracia Dayton
    Gracia Dayton
    Purple Mountains
  • Hey There - Rita Dowler
    Rita Dowler
    Hey There
  • Water 24 - Paul Dudek
    Paul Dudek
    Water 24
  • As Time Goes By - Karen Dunderdale
    Karen Dunderdale
    As Time Goes By
  • Paines Creek Beach Sunset - James Earl
    James Earl
    Paines Creek Beach Sunset
  • "Red" - Linda Emerson
    Linda Emerson
  • Hummingbird and Sunflowers - Lois Erhartic
    Lois Erhartic
    Hummingbird and Sunflowers
  • Michael - Katherine Fast
    Katherine Fast
  • Spanish Hilltown - Steven Foote
    Steven Foote
    Spanish Hilltown
  • Just Picked - Maryann Goblick
    Maryann Goblick
    Just Picked
  • View From Horn Hill  Monhegan - Virginia Greenblatt
    Virginia Greenblatt
    View From Horn Hill Monhegan
  • Birds Eye Onion - Marla Greenfield
    Marla Greenfield
    Birds Eye Onion
  • Olcan in Eugene's - Becky Haletky
    Becky Haletky
    Olcan in Eugene's
  • Coming and Going - Wendy Hale
    Wendy Hale
    Coming and Going
  • Westbound 4-4-0 - Steve Hamlin
    Steve Hamlin
    Westbound 4-4-0
  • Lines and Links - Ann Hart
    Ann Hart
    Lines and Links
  • Summer Rhodies - Yvonne Hemingway
    Yvonne Hemingway
    Summer Rhodies
  • Armenian Genocide Survivor - Mary Hilt
    Mary Hilt
    Armenian Genocide Survivor
  • Red Shack in Menemsha - John Holladay
    John Holladay
    Red Shack in Menemsha
  • People in the Park - Mary Horrigan
    Mary Horrigan
    People in the Park
  • Crab-catching - Robert Y. C. Hsiung
    Robert Y. C. Hsiung
  • Cherry Light - Eveline Johnson
    Eveline Johnson
    Cherry Light
  • Jillian II - Margaret Khorey
    Margaret Khorey
    Jillian II
  • Zeroing In - Suzanne Chandler Kissell
    Suzanne Chandler Kissell
    Zeroing In
  • Margerie Glacier - Susan Klas Wright
    Susan Klas Wright
    Margerie Glacier
  • Along The Ditch - John Krenik
    John Krenik
    Along The Ditch
  • Retired - Andrew Kusmin
    Andrew Kusmin
  • Quivett Copper Beech - Bill Lane
    Bill Lane
    Quivett Copper Beech
  • Plympton Street (Cambridge) - Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
    Plympton Street (Cambridge)
  • Tangled - Donna MacLure
    Donna MacLure
  • Break Time - Jeanne Maguire Thieme
    Jeanne Maguire Thieme
    Break Time
  • Colorful Planter - Claire Marcus
    Claire Marcus
    Colorful Planter
  • Morning Commute - Sally Meding
    Sally Meding
    Morning Commute
  • Check It Out - Doris Mee
    Doris Mee
    Check It Out
  • In The Yard - Robert Mesrop
    Robert Mesrop
    In The Yard
  • Seasonal Berries - Lois Mitchell
    Lois Mitchell
    Seasonal Berries
  • Deep into the Woods - Sylvia Murdock
    Sylvia Murdock
    Deep into the Woods
  • Seiko - Joan Murphy
    Joan Murphy
  • The Flutist - Carolyn Newberger
    Carolyn Newberger
    The Flutist
  • Outdoor Market - Robert Noreika
    Robert Noreika
    Outdoor Market
  • Pull Me - Thomas Rebek
    Thomas Rebek
    Pull Me
  • The Journey - Nan Rumpf
    Nan Rumpf
    The Journey
  • Turn  Turn  Turn - Dawn Scaltreto
    Dawn Scaltreto
    Turn Turn Turn
  • The Invisible Man - Frances Schreiber
    Frances Schreiber
    The Invisible Man
  • Fallen Tree - Peg Scully
    Peg Scully
    Fallen Tree
  • Future - Shauna Shane
    Shauna Shane
  • Fore River Shipyard--4PM - Mary Smith
    Mary Smith
    Fore River Shipyard--4PM
  • Uptown - Kristin Stashenko
    Kristin Stashenko
  • Four Chairs - Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan
    Four Chairs
  • Bald Eagle Gloucester - Marilyn Swift
    Marilyn Swift
    Bald Eagle Gloucester
  • "...til the fat lady sings" - Elinor Thompson
    Elinor Thompson
    "...til the fat lady sings"
  • Newbury Street  Early Morning - Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker
    Newbury Street Early Morning
  • Maple Sugaring - Michael E. Vermette
    Michael E. Vermette
    Maple Sugaring
  • Winter in Soho - June Webster
    June Webster
    Winter in Soho